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Obviously we get lots of letters disagreeing with our markings but we judge a place on how it was for us on our visit, so please help by contributing your eating experiences, good & bad, to our  Guest Book  now is the time to have your say!  Your reviews make for very interesting reading!

We also have a small circle of close friends with whom we eat regularly and, as we know that they have the same standards as ourselves, we trust them to do the occasional report for us.  A special mention to CS of Romsey, her reports put the rest of us to shame! 

PS. Jan 2005.  Since our success in The Hampshire Web awards & the resulting publicity, we find that we are now being invited to restaurants to do reviews, at last proprietors are appreciating how much free advertising they can receive from us.  As the site is non profit making & a hobby, we would be mad to turn down such opportunities, all this eating out on your behalf is very expensive!  Therefore we have decided to accept any invitations but we promise you we are not open to bribery & corruption!  Our reports will still be a true critique of our eating experiences & our unbiased opinions will not be compromised.

Winter 05/06  As CV has decided to spend her winters in the sun JI from Romsey has come back into the fold!  She was one of the original LWL & has always done guest reports for us.  She is normally very busy in the summer as she grows plants for The National Trust.  I think it may be a job share situation!


2003 Our fame is spreading click here  to read our press cutting in The Hampshire Society Magazine!   We had a fun interview on the Nick Girdler show on Radio Solent back in the Spring of 2003. The Winter '03 edition of New Forest Magazine features Ladies who Lunch in it's Internet Corner "A really fun site from four women who obviously enjoy their food & wine & who pull no punches when reviewing!  Be prepared for some very high & appallingly low grades on a range of local eateries ( it surprised me!)."

About Us

We are four women who live in Hampshire U.K. who decided to create a web site about our favourite occupation, lunching together.  O.K. we'd had a few glasses of wine!  We had also just had a nice meal spoilt by the terrible attitude of the staff.  This is the result, a true critique, of any restaurant, pub, wine bar, or any other type of eatery we visit, who ever we're with, & we'll include dinner as well.  We are neither gourmets nor wine experts, we just enjoy sensibly priced good food and service.  It doesn't matter what type of eatery we report on, be it a cafe or a top class restaurant, our marking criteria will be the same, we assess the food, service, ambiance & most important, did we have a good time!  

We have decided to remain incognito so that we can give honest & unbiased reports!  95% of the time the eateries we visit do not know it is us until we have paid the bill.  We then present them with our card  "You have been visited by Ladies who Lunch in Hampshire".   Some have heard of us, some not, so  please help to spread the word by telling any restaurants you visit that you tried them because of our recommendation.  

On 9th November 2004 we were awarded Runner Up in our category, Best on Line Service, in The Hampshire Web Awards.  As complete amateurs we very really delighted about this & obviously did a fair amount of celebrating!

L to R

CJ Web"master" & driving force behind the site.  (As in driving the others mad nagging for reports!)  Partial to plonk! Lives in Southampton.

SA Bon Viveur! Cordon Bleu cook!  Lives near Beaulieu.

CV Lady of Leisure!  Expert G&T mixer!  Lives in Milford on Sea.

SM Sister of CJ.  Fitness fanatic. ( Except whilst eating & drinking!)  Lives in Southampton.


These were the Judges comments:  This is a good fun site which anyone could use given that we've all got to eat! Despite parts of the site being a touch slow owing to the use of photographs of visited venues, the informal and light-hearted touch of the site complements its ease of use. There's an awareness of legal issues regarding personal data and the option to join a dedicated mailing list to keep up-to-date with the reviews is an added bonus. I'll know where to look next time I'm considering a meal out!

Left: Receiving our award from inventor Trevor Bayliss OBE & Councillor Michael Woodhall 

Click here to read Hampshire Chronicle article 12/11/04

Because of the award we were also filmed by Meridian Tonight, it was shown on December 6th 2004 in the Newbury area.

January 2005, an article about us in Hampshire Magazine

March 2005, another Radio Solent interview, this time with Richard Cartridge

January 2006, Hampshire Chronicle & Romsey Advertiser started to occasionally use our reports 

March 2006, we held our first ever luncheon for our Privilege Card Holders at Clos du Marquis, follow link to view pics of the event

May 2006, Hampshire Society Magazine started to use our reviews, they have also very kindly published pictures of our Card Holders lunches

August 2006, we held our second Privilege Card Holders Lunch at Whitley Ridge, follow link to view photos

December 2006, we held our third Privilege Card Holders Lunch at Wistaria, follow link to view photos

February 2007, We were on the TV programme a Taste of The South.  They filmed us last Summer dining at Alex Aitken's Le Poussin at Whitley Ridge, great fun, thank you to Alex for asking us to appear.


We have a fan!  He kept us guessing but at last we have found out who sent these hilarious cards. Top L:" I know you like to be incognito but I think the sunglasses were better"!! Top: After a couple of glasses of Pinot The Ladies get up to their old tricks"!! Left: The LWL made their way home after yet another Card Holders Luncheon"!!!!!

LOVE them, thank you Hugh! xx

Contact: If you have any comments, suggestions,  criticisms, or just need to get in touch  then please email us at   

Please remember to tell any restaurants you visit that you were  recommended by Ladies Who Lunch in Hampshire!


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