The First Luncheon  for Ladies who Lunch in Hampshire Privilege Card Holders at Clos du Marquis on March 29th 2006

Meeting so many of our site regulars, finding out how lovely you all are and hearing so much laughter made this such an exciting occasion for us.  A big thank you for making it such a successful lunch!

We started at about noon & enjoyed fizz and canapés.  There were 40 of us and we took over the entire restaurant.  The food and service lived up to the wonderful reputation of Clos du Marquis; everyone said they now know why we rave about it.  Our food was delicious and, considering we all only made our choices once we were seated, it was served very promptly.

The four of us circulated around the tables ensuring we had a chat with everyone, it was a shame it had to end, we said our last goodbyes at about 3.30 pm!

SA     JI      Germain     CJ    SM

Garth, Aurelin, Germain, Maranda, Glanis


Chris & Anne Denise, Gill & Patricia Dorothy & Phillip
Jayne & Anne Cindy, Janet & Mike Janna, Garth & Maggie Janna & Germain
Jane, Martin & Caroline Lynne & Maggy Pat & Chris Gina & Jayne
Sally & Lynne Yesim & Gloria Sue & Sheelagh Tricia & Doreen
also present but, apologies, no photos, Angela, Stella & Sylvia & finally, the guest of honour, Germain's dog.....
June & Sonia  Cassoulet!
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