Brampton Mill, Brampton, Huntingdon, Cambs.

Visited Late December 2001

On our way to visit friends we were very pleased to discover The Brampton Mill for lunch.†

It's a long sprawling building with tables in many different areas. The decor is modern but in a very old mill setting which gives it a welcoming atmosphere.† The staff were excellent, very friendly and helpful.

We all had warm baguettes.† Some had steak (which was cooked to your preference) with onions, and the rest of us had chicken breast with mayonnaise.† All were absolutely delicious! We were very pleased and it wasn't just because we were all still feeling festive or because of an excellent bottle of Pinot Grigio!† With one pudding and several coffees,

Cost : £ £ £

Yummy Factor† 9/10 and a for the staff as well as the food!

Having visited their web site very pleased to discover that The Clump in Southampton is now a member of Out & Out Group, we will visit it soon!

Report C.J.

The higher the "Yummy" factor, the better the food & service.† The higher the number of £ signs the more expensive.† ( Roughly one £ sign = £5 per head )
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