Hello!  We are 4 women from Hampshire U.K. who enjoy great food (and the odd glass of wine or two!) and like nothing more than trying out fantastic restaurants and sharing our experiences with you.

The idea to create Ladies Who Lunch evolved back in the year 2000 when we had just had a nice lunch spoilt by the terrible attitude of the staff.  This is the result, honest and unbiased reviews of any restaurant, pub, wine bar, or any other type of eatery we visit.

We are neither gourmets nor wine experts, we just enjoy sensibly priced good food and superb service.  Whether it’s a café or a top class restaurant our marking criteria will be the same; we assess the quality of the food, the variety of food on offer, the staff and the service, the ambience and the location, and the overall value for money.  We mark each of these out of 5, and then – if they are good enough – we will award the location either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

 We have decided to remain incognito so that we can give honest & unbiased reports – 95% of the time the eateries we visit do not know it is us until we have paid the bill.  We then present them with our card ‘You have been visited by Ladies who Lunch in Hampshire’.

Obviously as we have now been established for so long we do get a lot of invitations to lunch and we would be fools to say no but we promise you we still give an unbiased review!

Some have heard of us, some not, so please help to spread the word by telling any restaurants you visit that you tried them because of our recommendation.

For various reasons both SA & JI have now retired so Guest Reviews, if written in our style and if they contain the same information we provide, are always welcome for consideration for publication!

 Bye Bye for now!

PS It’s now November 2015 and after 15 yrs we have now all decided to retire! You will still be able to see the reviews that are on here and do keep in touch on Twitter & Facebook 🙂

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L – R, SA, SM, CJ & JI