Are there any budding incognito Ladies who Lunch reporters out there??

CJSMThe idea for Ladies who Lunch in Hampshire was conceived during a nice lunch in Lymington that was ruined by rude staff. This was back in 2000 so we have been established now for a very long time.

Understandably JI & SA have decided they no longer have any time to write reviews so even though hopefully they may submit the occasional review it just leaves my sister SM and me, CJ, to carry on the good work!

If you are a regular then you know how we construct our reviews and what information we need; if there is anyone out there who would like to write a guest review and submit it for publication we’d love to hear from you via Instead of Trip Advisor tell us what you think. It would be much appreciated; your reward would be the glory of seeing yourself in print!

Best wishes CJ & SM