Kyoto Kitchen, Winchester, 23/25


Kyoto Kitchen 23/25 Kyoto (2)

70 Parchment Street
SO23 8AT

Tel:01962 890895


Vegetarian: Yes

Parking:Local car parks

Wheelchairs: Not easy

Loos: Excellent, down stairs

gold LWL Gold Award – Awarded August 2012 – Cost £££££

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November 2012


Last week we re-visited Kyoto Kitchen in Winchester and once again thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. Mainly we reordered the dishes we had enjoyed so much on our last visit but we were delighted to be presented with Chef’s latest creation above. It is a Varadon Roll which has sea bass, tuna, salmon, avocado, tobiko and masago in it with marinated crispy salmon skin inside and a teriyaki and chili dressing. It’s very easy on both the eye and the palate! SA and I were delighted that our visitor from South Africa had to admit Kyoto Kitchen produced the best Japanese food she has ever tasted!

August 2012 Yesterday we “Ladies” visited the recently opened Japanese restaurant Kyoto Kitchen, the latest creation of Winchester restaurateur Miff Kayum. We can honestly say we had a great experience and have no doubt it will soon be as successful as his Bangkok Brasserie and Bengal Sage, if not more so,  there aren’t many Japanese restaurants around and certainly not of this calibre!

We were welcomed by Miff’s brother Shah who along with his team looked after us wonderfully and as some of us are not au fait with Japanese cuisine guided us through the menu.

After a short waiting time, whilst we sipped our chilled white wine, we commenced with a recommended assortment of Small Plates of sushi, tempura and sashimi with a touch of soy and wasabi.  Gyoza (homemade pan grilled chicken dumplings), Poppy crusted tuna sashimi, Beef Tataki, Tempura Mori (light battered deep fried prawns & vegetables), Nigiri (sweet prawn), Ura Maki (inside out rolls) salmon and avocado, A trio of Sashimi (salmon, tuna & sea bass) and Spider Rolls.

Kyoto (4) Kyoto (5)
Kyoto (6) Kyoto (7)
Kyoto (8) Kyoto (10)
Kyoto (11) Kyoto (12)

As you can see in the photos it was a lovely presentation. After a short interlude we were then presented with our large plates, Chicken Teryaki, Amai Duck and their speciality Gin Dara (grilled black cod marinated in spicy miso) all served with rice. The food is cooked to order and just keeps on coming to the table as it is ready. You can easily order extra dishes, very handy when you see what the next door table is enjoying!

It was a lengthy lunch and there was lots of oooing and aahing as each dish arrived! We were so impressed with the variety of amazing flavours, the quality of the food and the artistic presentation helped by the elegant Japanese crockery. We’re now converts to Japanese cuisine, our taste buds were tingling with pleasure!

We drank a bottle of Viognier, £18.50 and finished with Baucha green tea, coffees and a complimentary shot of Japanese Ume, a deliciously sweet liquor.

The restaurant is tiny (booking definitely recommended especially in the evening) and the décor charming, we highly recommend Kyoto Kitchen. Cost: £££££


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Ladies Who Lunch Scoring:

Quality of food 5/5
Variety of menu 5/5
Staff and service 5/5
Ambience & décor 4/5
Value for Money 4/5


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Report: CJ

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