Puddings, Pies and a Sunny Lunch!

We enjoyed an unusual evening on Friday. I had a leaflet through the door advertising “The Pudding & Pie Supper Club” I found out that its run by 2 women who love to cook and they organise a regular “pop up restaurant” in the café in St James Park, Shirley, Southampton. They charge £17.50 for 3 courses plus coffee AND best of all you take your own wine! There were about 30 people in a fairly small room so it was a bit hot and became very noisy (the wine was flowing, well it was Friday night!) but we enjoyed it and the food was of a very high standard They had also made an effort to give the room some atmosphere by hanging fabric from the ceiling to reduce the height and by using fairy lights. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time! If you would like more details or to be put on their mailing list then email Rebecca on puddingandpiesupperclub@yahoo.co.uk

Our menu: Asparagus served with a homemade pesto mayonnaise and an asparagus tartlet… so good we wished the tartlet had been bigger.

pie (1) pie (2) pie (3)






Chicken breast stuffed with rosemary and mascarpone served with roasted baby potatoes, roasted ratatouille and salad… the chicken was moist and tender, the vegetables beautifully cooked, and a very generous portion.

Finally we enjoyed an Iced lemon parfait served with a shortbread biscuit followed by coffee… a delicious meal and a fun experience!


Since my last Blog SA and I really enjoyed lunch at The Sun Inn, Dummer (the address is Dummer but it’s on the A30) and only takes about 20 mins to get there on the M3 from Southampton. The food prepared by Gordon, the very young chef/landlord was excellent. We of course had the works but they also have some great bar food e.g. Soup of the Day and a Sandwich for only £6.50. They also have a large garden for these wonderful warm days.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!