Shrimp & Burger, Southampton 18/25


Shrimp & Burger

award.silver 18/25 £££££

29 Bedford Place



SO15 2DG

Tel:023 8033 8898


Gluten free: Just ask

Parking: Public car parks

Wheelchairs: OK

Loos: Average



“Awesome burgers, shrimp fajitas, top dogs”! What more could you desire for a celebration? Flavour would be good but more of that in a minute. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition to take my other half to a burger joint for his birthday lunch… poor thing has to put up with wherever we want to review. Last year we went to 7 Bone in Portswood and have to say the burgers there were tastier and somehow more exciting… perhaps ’cause they are advertised as “dirty sexy burgers” or perhaps because it was our first experience of such a venue!

Delicious Dining’s latest Southampton restaurant has the now de rigueur shabby, to the point of crumbling, décor and excellent staff. Our server was so welcoming and very impressed that he wasted no time in asking what we would like to drink, always a good start in our book. We ordered a very gluggable dry rosé. He was smilingly tolerant of all the queries from us oldies! We welcomed his food suggestions.

My choice was a Surf & Turf, House Patty, Monterey Jack, griddled shrimp. All burgers are served in a glazed brioche bun with crisp baby gem lettuce & pickles. (Gluten-Free bun also available). Our other choices: Saucy Shrimp, House Patty, lime chive & shrimp mayo and Spicy Shrimp Fajitas, wrap your own tortillas, Spicy shrimp, chorizo, pepper & onions, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa. We had a side order of Seasoned fries and of the fabulous Sweet potato fries. The food was good but we felt the patties lacked a little flavour and both were over cooked even though we had ordered medium rare. Also the shrimps were very small so got a bit lost in the burgers. Having said that we still enjoyed ourselves and would go again but most probably make different choices….. should have listened to our server!

Check out their menu HERE.

BTW there is 10% discount if you order takeaway. No bookings taken, they were fairly busy when we were there on a Friday lunch time but had no problems getting a table. Try it, it’s fun!



Ladies Who Lunch Scoring: Shrimp & Burger

award.silver LWL Silver Award awarded May 2015

Cost £££££

3/5 Quality of food

4/5 Variety of menu

4/5 Staff and service

3/5 Ambiance and décor

4/5 Value for money

18/25 Total yummy factor. Review CJ

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The higher the number of £ signs the more expensive. (Roughly one £ sign = £5 per head).

5/5 Cannot be improved upon

4/5 Very good

3/5 Good

2/5 Satisfactory

1/5 Poor

0/5 Terrible

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