Water Margin, North Baddesley, Southampton 14/25

Water Margin 14/25 P1100205

72 Botley Road
North Baddesley
SO52 9DU

Tel:02380 7323771

Website: www.water-margin.co.uk

Vegetarian: Yes

Parking: Own car park

Wheelchairs: OK

Loos: Average

Revisited October 2014- Cost ££

Revisited October 2014 Sorry but had to downgrade to 14/25 so they no longer have a Bronze Award. Think it must be just me as they were very busy most probably because of the Lunch Menu  …. only £7 a head! And that includes tea and coffee. I of course had a beer so my bill with tip was £12. I chose Chicken and Noodle Soup and Chicken with Cashew Nuts. Both dishes were very bland. I enjoyed the beer and the company but that was about all! The service was friendly.P1100202 P1100203

September 2011 This restaurant is always popular with a very friendly and helpful team. We visited for their special lunch menu, two courses plus beverage for £6.80 per person.

For starters we each chose Crab sweet corn soup which came with small spring rolls; delicious.
Then our choices were: Szechwan Chicken, Szechwan Beef, Sweet & Sour Pork and Kung Po Pork. Portions were adequate all served with egg fried rice.

This was really good value and the main menu has some very interesting choices for next time.
There is also a lunch buffet menu with masses of choices served at £16.50 per person. I urge you to view their website as the possibilities are unlimited from set menus, Sunday buffet and takeaway.Please help to spread the word by telling any restaurants you visit that you tried them because you were recommended by LWL in Hampshire… Thank you!

Ladies Who Lunch Scoring:

Quality of food 2/5
Variety of menu 3/5
Staff and service 3/5
Ambience, setting & decor 3/5
Value for Money 3/5

Total Yummy Factor


Report: JI Update CJ

5/5 = Cannot be improved upon, 4/5 = Very good, 3/5 = Good,
2/5 = Satisfactory, 1/5 = Poor, 0/5 = Terrible

The higher the “Yummy” factor, the better the food & service.  The higher the number of £ signs the more expensive.  (Roughly one £ sign = £5 per head)

2 thoughts on “Water Margin, North Baddesley, Southampton 14/25

  1. We have been using your restaurant for a good five years now & have seen a steady decline in the service we receive. During our last three visits, we have been ‘greeted’ with a disinterested grunt from a lady behind your counter, who always appears miserable & unhappy to serve. One of the chaps who served us last night was pleasant, but the other one was quite clearly angry & wasn’t happy to serve us. Our jasmine tea came out about half an hour after it was ordered & the waiter seemed annoyed that my son wanted to order an orange juice & lemonade, so just served a lemonade instead. We sat & waited for our intermediate course to be cleared & for a main course order to be taken for a good twenty minutes, despite the restaurant being half empty. My son’s order came out wrong, but we didn’t complain as we just wanted to get out of the restaurant. We requested the bill & it was tossed on the table about ten minutes later. My family & I waited about fifteen minutes, but no one came to enable us to make payment. The waiter disappeared & was nowhere to be seen. We decided to take our payment up to the stern & thoroughly miserable looking woman behind the counter. She grunted & reluctantly offered up a “thanks” once we subtly made it clear we were unhappy with the service. Your restaurant used to be one of our favourites, but over the last year or so, the service has gone from average to poor, to pretty unpleasant & unacceptable. The atmosphere is shocking & quite clearly the table staff are unhappy. There is tension in the air & the pleasantries we used to experience from table staff who have now gone are a thing of the past. I was really angry with your service last night, but left safe in the knowledge we will not be returning to your restaurant again, to suffer to indignity of your rude service team & sub-standard table service setup. The best advice I can give you is to give a coaching course to the thoroughly disgruntled, angry & miserable lady who ‘greets’ your paying customers. She genuinely appears annoyed that you have come in to the restaurant to dine. I would also suggest a refit. The decor looks so old & dated now & it’s sad to see what was once such a lovely establishment fall into such decline. Your table staff need to learn how to greet paying customers & to be patient & accomodating. I have seen customers storm out of your restaurant during the last year & it’s no wonder why. My patience has finally worn out & my family & I will no longer be frequenting your restaurant. I send this note in the hope that the manager (at least I think he was the manager) gets sight of my feedback. The guy I am referring to was a middle-aged gent, who was always charming, accomodating & friendly. I no longer see him on the restaurant floor & that is a shame. Good luck attracting new customers & I am sorry to say that after five years of loyal custom, my patience has finally worn through.

  2. At last a truly high quality restaurant in Lymington. Inspiring menu food beautifully presented. Every thing was Delicious and their home made ice creams are to die for.

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